A study on smart work centers by PMP, the CDC and the ENS Cachan

Along with the CDC and a group of researchers from ENS Cachan, PMP have examined smart work center’s externalities, the benefits procured by these new working spaces, able to welcome employees as freelancers, near their home, with the working conditions as good as any office could offer. This study, conducted between Februrary and November 2013, has examined trough scientific analysis, the extern...

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Seminar PMP at les Bernardins on the 13th October 2014 on the theme: « Transformation: How to be ready? - The Alcatel Lucent experience »

Within the framework of its Cycle of Seminars on Managerial Innovation, PMP organized a round table on the 13 th October 2014 on « Transformation: How to be ready? - The Alcatel Lucent experience ». Michel Combes will expose the Alcatel-Lucent strategic project, implemented upon his arrival at the head of the Group, and will present how he manages this transformation with its management team. Rob...

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Forthcoming publication on economic models of distributed load shedding

PMP is conducting a study on the various economic models of distributed load shedding which aims to analyze the different possibilities for delete operators in a regulatory context in full evolution. The results of this study, conducted in partnership with the Energy Climate Master of the University Paris-Dauphine will be available in September 2014.

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PMP partners the Telco & Digital Forum organized by Les Echos (12th and 13th June 2014)

PMP partnered the Telco & Digital Forum organised by Les Echos on Thursday 12 th and Friday 13 th June in Paris (Elysées Biarritz - Paris 8ème) centred around the theme, « After periods of tension and strain, what are the strategies for bouncing back?» ( Après les tensions, quelles stratégies pour le rebond?) The Telco & Digital Forum is the meeting for all sector stakeholders and even more so th...

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Animation of the latest AFRC customer retention commission on the relathionship programs

Since 2012, Maurice Cautela partner of the PMP Customer Capital practice organizes and runs the AFRC customer retention commission. Three times a year, the customer retention commission offers an appointment to share best practices in the design and operational management of customer loyalty actions. June 12 was held the conference on the theme: "Relationship programs: levers to strengthen the re...

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On June 2nd 2014 PMP organized a seminar at les Bernardins on the theme: « How to manage Transdev : a post-merger experience »

Within the framework of its Cycle of Seminars on Managerial Innovation, PMP organized a round table on the 2 nd June 2014 on « How to manage Transdev: a post-merger experience». Jean-Marc Janaillac, CEO of Groupe Transdev and Domitille Germain, author of « Sun Tzu : from the Art of War to the Art of Management » Sun Tzu : de l'Art de guerre à l'Art de diriger (Maxima, 2013) were our special guest...

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Retour sur la conférence « Santé au travail » du 22 novembre...
Le 22 novembre dernier le Cercle Lab organisait une matinée consacrée à la santé au travail, questionnant les rêves des acteurs de la protection soci...

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Managerial Innovation

Series of Seminars for Managers/Leaders

PMP organizes a Seminar-lunch every two months in the very unique setting of the collège des Bernardins, in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. Through the anecdotal experiences of key executives, these meetings provide exciting insights into the far-reaching changes currently affecting companies’ socio-economic environment and their operational and management styles.

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