Managerial Innovation

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Series of seminars for Managers/Leaders

A number of emerging trends are ushering in fundamental changes to the socio-economic environment of businesses and their operating and management styles: in a globalized economy, the West is slipping to the edge of the world. Innovation is everywhere and picks up pace with the emergence of new technology. Innovation has become a critical policy area that companies simply cannot ignore.

With growing awareness that resources are not limitless, companies will have tojustify their decisions and behaviour and be accountable to civil society. In the light of thisand the fact that companies have an increasingly important role, how will management methods evolve?

To have a greater understanding of the situation, PMP wanted to gather statements, stories and expert opinions of those who actually see this happening in their business on a daily basis.



The next Seminar is in preparation. We will shortly be informing you of the date and subject-matter of the next meeting.

Limited number of places - by invitation only - register early !

Collège des Bernardins - 20, rue de Poissy - 75005 Paris

Métro : Maubert-Mutualité, Cardinal Lemoine
Bus : 24, 47, 63, 67, 86, 87, 89
Nearest parking : Maubert - Collège des Bernardins (See map)




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Managerial Innovation

Series of Seminars for Managers/Leaders

PMP organizes a Seminar-lunch every two months in the very unique setting of the collège des Bernardins, in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. Through the anecdotal experiences of key executives, these meetings provide exciting insights into the far-reaching changes currently affecting companies’ socio-economic environment and their operational and management styles.

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